Monday, June 17, 2013

I thought I would start off with something super simple.  Most people have containers left over they don't know what to do with, coffee cans, sugar container, and for me pork skin containers (hubby and kids love these things). The idea here is to use something that you would usually throw away and turn it into a great container for almost anything.  I have decided that they make great portable toy containers!
 Here are some tools you will need to make your project simple and fast.  A drill to make the holes for the handle, rope for the handle, scissors, and I used a cardboard box to drill my holes ( this kept it from damaging my table).

 After drilling the holes I threaded the rope threw the holes and just did a simple not to secure it in place.  A little tip, put some scotch tape on the ends to make the threading easier. Also, make sure your holes are the right sized to fit you rope. I did it a size smaller than the circumference of my rope.

 I added a label just to help my kids put the right toys were they belong, but it is completely up to you what you do with the outside.  You could even encourage your children to decorate it themselves!
 My little man loves to walk around caring his blocks!
 Happy making!! Don't forget to follow my page for all the latest projects!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I am a lover of all things old!  The prospect of taking something that is unused, outdated, or just plain ugly and turning it into a piece that is cherished is exciting to me.  The same can be said for taking a item and refitting it or refurbishing it into something completely unexpected.  I come from a family who recycles and this is my contribution to the world at large. When I say my family recycles I don't just mean everyday cans and plastics. No, we recycle cars, old appliances, and any time of scrap metal you can think of.  So instead of it sitting in a land field somewhere it becomes something new again.  That is my goal here.  To make things new and useful again.  I hope you enjoy and find inspiration!